Monday, October 22, 2012

Residential Computer Training Programme

The residential computer training programme on MS Office 2007 was successfully conducted from 7-13 October 2012 at the SETIK Auditorium.  The resource contribution was provided by Mr. S. Wasantha.  23 youth from the remote, poverty stricken families in the plantation areas and the samoordhy recipients families in the rural areas took part in this programme.  These youth also had the opportunities to take part in various programmes during their stay.
In addition to computer literacy, they also gained a good knowledge in leadership traits and virtuous attitudes.  Both Sinhalese and  Tamil youth took part in this programme which helped them to improve their cordial relationship.  Also, this was a good opportunity to learn each others languages.

At the conclusion of this programme, they were so close and unable to seperate from each other, as separation from the beloved once was a suffering for them.  This was a great strength for the formation of a violent free youth group.

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