Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Blood Donation Campaign

‘SETIK’ Organization has been rendering so many devoted services for the promotion and well being of the youth in the rural and plantation areas in the Central Province for the past several years. At present the youth in these areas are engaged in development activities giving special priority according their needs and requirements.

As a part of these activities, a blood donation campaign was organized by the youth of Gragonhill estate, at Sri Sudarmarama Viharaya, Alawathugoda on the 25th of February 2012 under the theme “Let us save the life by donating a drop of blood”. By organizing this event, the youths have proved that they could render a virtuous service to the humanity by donating blood. 62 youths took part in this programme and 62 pints of blood was donated.

Rev. Fr. Desmond ‘SETIK’ Co-ordinator - Matale District, the Chief Incumbent of Alawathugoda Buddhist temple, The Chief Maulavi Imam of the Jumma Mosque of Alawathugoda and the Hindu Kurukkal of the Kovil Represented all four religions. The police inspector of Alawathugoda Police, Chairman Pradeshiya Sabhawa and members, Members of Three Wheeler’s Union and Grama Niladhari were also present on this occasion.

This event was jointly organized by the president of the Matale District Steering Committee and other youth committees with the assistance of the officers attached to the Blood Bank at Matale hospital where every ethnic, race and religious people were gathered without any difference.